Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Thursday Update

The water was shut off for some hours both Tuesday and Wednesday, and there was no notice given, and no robo-call. They have been digging up at the end of the block. It came back on yesterday at noon but I had to catch up on other things (due to lack of water) and so I didn't post. last night they were still at work, under lights.

I got rid of cable TV and bought a SONY DVD player. Yesterday I watched this video.  Whe I bought it from the sale bin, I thought it was the Tom Cruise one, but realized it was not after I got home. It was a good movie, and better, probably, because it lacked the Hollywood flash and glitz, and focused upon the mindsets and paths of the individuals involved in this ill-fated plot.

Daughter went to Ben Franklin and bought me my mat board while I was occupied elsewhere. She said that the store seemed not to have as much stuff--"struggling"--as she put it. The only mat board she could find were some large scrap pieces left over from their framing section. They still charged the full price. I just hadn't wanted to go up the I-70 hill to Michael's (lots more traffic). I guess the BF will not survive against Michael's too much longer. The dwindling population in our area cannot support too many competing stores.

So, I plan to finish as many pinkeeps as I can with the 3 pieces of mat that I got, before going out to buy more.

I finally got this (JCS 2010 Halloween Issue) stitched:

I finished Maison Fleurie yesterday:

The small flowers should have been stitched with a darker pink, as they blend in to the background of the grass, instead of standing out.

Today I will stitch solely on my Fair & Square Round 26, as I need to get it finished.

I downloaded a free "Give Thanks" chart from a blog. I will find the link and let you know from where. I've decided to stitch it upon Lugana.
Happy stitching!


Jules said...

I love the Halloween piece!!

No, I didn't chart the Washington Monument design myself. It was a kit that I purchased at the gift shop there in 2009. The Posy Collection is the company that puts out a lot of historical designs at National Parks.

Carol said...

Very cute stitching! I just love the cat one and always meant to stitch it! Maybe I'll finally get to it for this Halloween :)

Sally said...

Love your Halloween piece and Maison Fleurie is beautiful.

trillium said...

Thanks, Jules! I'd like to stitch it for my sis.