Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snowman Ornie Mailed

I mailed my HOE Snowman Ornament today, after a visit to my oncology doctor.

I had a special lattice-weave mask molded to my face and underwent another CAT scan. It was not uncomfortable and took only about 8 minutes to dry into its proper shape.

Radiation therapy begins next week-5 days per week for 5 weeks. NO chemo and doctor says I will not lose my hair. I have to wear the mask during the brief treatments in order for the radiation to be localized to the proper area and to keep my head in position.

My cancer is very aggressive and has a 25-30% chance of recurring--with radiation therapy, that possibility decreases to 10%.

Now I have to work on my HOE Prairie Schooler Exchange. I'm about one-quarter of the way along. Oh, and I have a great hands-free magnifying lens to wear, manufactured by Bausch and Lomb. I think I'll be able to stitch much faster.

It's a beautiful sunny day here. I voted in our special governor's primary election. The courthouse grounds looked beautiful. Everything was mowed, mulched, and planted, although the bulbs are past their bloom time.


Jules said...

Good thoughts go out to you and your family during this time! It's good to keep stitching to keep your mind off things, even if for a little while. It sure has been helping me while my dad is going through his chemo.

Jeanne said...

Good luck I hope the treatment is successful!

Sally said...

Looking forward to seeing the exchange piece you stitched.

Hope your radiation therpay goes OK. Will be thinking of you.