Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Floss Leftovers

I'm embarassed to tell you that it took me several hours to clean off my sewing table. I had to sort through several projects worth of floss orts and filled plastic bobbins, extra plastic bags, charts, etc. I sorted and put away all of the floss bobbins into their plastic storage containers, then tackled the leftover threads lying around.

After holding each piece of floss up to each storage box of bobbins, I was still left with all of these "orphan" pieces. I cannot match the colors. I realized that the reason I have these continues messes is my habit of taking the floss out of the needle every time I want to switch colors. No more! I have enough tapestry needles now to be able to thread up 5-6 needles with different colors of floss. Oh, I guess I will use this big bunch for something--some kind of motif sampler wherein I can use up all of the colors.

Happy stitching!

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