Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scissor Cases Finished

Yesterday I finished the two scissor cases  and applied some matching trims. I'm not that happy about them. They are pretty, but next time I will cut out a wider, more V-shaped design.

The scissors were purchased from Anita's Little Stitches. I wanted two different pair that would complement the theme of the sewing accessories.

Now I must make two needle books and  two scissor fobs. The package has to be mailed tomorrow.

I see that I have acquired some new followers. Thank you! As soon as I can get all of my Christmas/birthday projects finished, I will overhaul this blog and put my free charts on their own page. I have some things half-charted to finish as well.

Happy stitching!


Mangogirl said...

Those scissor cases are lovely.

Lillie said...

Love your ideas, both are beautifully finished.