Friday, December 9, 2011

Hummingbird WIP

I'm about 2/3 done on this Dimensions Daydreams kit. The coordinating mat is very beautiful. It is a Lena Liu design.

Today I am embroidering and assembling two scissors cases that will be part of three-piece sets (fob, biscornu, scissor case). They are stitched on white Monaco.

I'm making as many things as possible for family and friends because having cancer made me realize I want to leave them all with something beautiful from me. I was told if the cancer does not come back within three years, then it won't. I still have to be very careful and wear sunblock every time I go out. I got sunburned in the car in the afternoon last week, after only a 10-minute drive to the store!

Happy stitching!

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Annie said...

That's a pretty design and you've made good progress. Love your attitude about stitching for friends and family. I have to be super careful about sun exposure too due to some meds I take, so I totally get it. Must have scared you when you got burned so quickly!