Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fantastic Kindle Touch

My son and I gave my granddaughter (12 1/2) a Kindle Touch for Christmas. We let her open it yesterday because she has had some difficult with her academics this year and this is so that she will read more and improve her spelling and vocabulary. Due to mom's work schedules and our distance from the public library, she hasn't been able to borrow books from the library very often. She hasn't read much outside of school for over a year.

We purchased a Kindle Store gift card to go with it, so she picked out about six books and we downloaded them to the computer (don't have WiFi). She is really enjoying this (much lighterweight) version of the Kindle, and was happy to find the dictionary. Plus, she can download music to it as soon as I get a program to convert her files to MP3s.

This Kindle Touch shows you exactly how much space is left on the memory, as well as how much battery life is left.

I put on two free books--Kidnapped & Little Women, and will download many more this evening. I'm happy because she has something that can be accessed, even if she has only 20 minutes of free time. She can't use the excuse "I have nothing to do!"

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