Monday, November 14, 2011

My Spring Garden Shorties

I started these fingerless mitts twice and had to rip them all the way out and start a third time. I did not understand the directions. Knitting is like math--if you get one step in the process wrong, everything after that will be wrong.

This is my third attempt, and it is succeeding because I read and reread the directions, using my copy of Vogue Knitting to help me figure out the pattern.

My gripe: the person who wrote the directions in this book (Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders) should have made them as explicit as possible, not just "work in pattern," because the K (even) rows were deliberately omitted in places. If designers and editors want more people to knit, buy yarn, and knitting books, they need to write out the patterns line-by-line as well as give the symbols and charts. I'm keeping track by crossing off every step in a notebook.

This is a Panda Superwash yarn, but not exactly the one in the book. I have to find the label.


Annie said...

That's a really pretty pattern. And I agree with you. So many commercial patterns are filled with mistakes and gloss over the hard parts.

staci said...

Pattern-reading is like a science in itself!

Your mitts are gorgeous...the yarn is stunning!