Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oregon Vacation

I'm on vacation in beautiful Eugene, Oregon!

I'm visiting my son. Yesterday we went to Mt. Angel Abbey  and to Silver Falls State Park. We lunched at a little reservoir before seeing the falls. We were lucky to get a mostly sunny day. We hiked under the falls and sat a few minutes. There was a good stream of water rushing over and the falls were loud.

I flew here via DC and San Francisco. On the flight up from SFO I saw a wind farm, Mt. Lassen, Shasta Lake and the huge dam, and Mt. Shasta. I was disappointed not to see Crater Lake, but there were too many clouds obscuring the view over Oregon. I might have caught a glimpse of it , but not sure. 
I brought my knitting but so far haven't done any.


Annie said...

You must be so happy to have a nice vacation like that! Did you wave to me as you passed DC?

Irmeli said...

You have had nice vacation at your son's and you have visited beautiful places. Have a good weekend.

Beth said...

Hope you enjoy your visit - I know you were looking forward to it - at least there is no rain in the near forecast for Eugene!

Brigitte said...

Enjoy your vacation. Oregon has some wonderful places.