Thursday, July 7, 2011

Radiation Effects/Gift of Stitching

I don't have much energy to even stitch. I've had to nap 2-3 hrs. every afternoon, and that's with sleeping at night as well.

I cannot taste much of anything as my taste buds are fried. I cannot taste anything sweet, or vegetables. Sweet stuff actually turns a vile, almost salty taste. Breads taste like nothing. I just got some Instant Breakfast and will be having that a couple of times a day.  The effects are supposed to peak by 2 weeks after the last treatment, but taste buds could take months to regenerate.

I'm working on some unfinished Halloween designs from last year.

I got a $3 three-month trial to The Gift of Stitching digital magazine. It's valid for new subscribers only, and the offer ends July 31st. I downloaded the July issue and am looking forward to the August & September issues.

Happy stitching!

Cross Stitch Copyright Infringement Site

I was reading someone's stitching blog--don't know how I arrived upon it, but they mentioned this site:

It's set up solely to allow (cheap) access to hundreds of cross stitch designs. It has Dimensions, Prairie Schooler, Bent Creek,  Sampler Girl, Blue Ribbon, Long Dog--you name it, it's probably scanned in and entered on here.

Some of the Prairie Schooler charts I recognize as rare ones.

I don't have time at the moment to email these designers, maybe they already know about this.

I'm wondering why the designers cannot act as did the people who stopped the free music file-sharing, and get the site blocked, banned or something. Maybe the designers could collectively ask the site's internet web host service/ISP provider to shut it down.It seems to be hosted/originate in Asia.