Monday, June 20, 2011

Six More Days. . .

and my radiation treatments will be finished. I can't wait to eat my second daily vitamin and have as many Vitamin C-rich foods as I want. OJ, my Celestial Seasoning's Lemon Zinger tea, etc.

Picture #2 on this site is what my radiation mask looks like. Mine has a hole on the right side where the rays are directed towards the back of my throat, and a couple of related places.

 In the meantime, I'm working on Halloween ornaments from last year's Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. I want to but a black feather tree from hallmark this fall and have enough Halloween ornaments to fill it.

After those are done I will concentrate on Christmas ornaments, bell pulls, and decorative cubes, etc.

Happy stitching!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bent Creek's Sparkle

I stitched "Sparkle," by Bent Creek, for Gaby M. in the HOE Perpetual Christmas Ornament Exchange (Snowman Round). I forgot to take a photo of my own, so you can see him here. It's such a cute design. I have enough mushroom Lugana  and required floss left over to make myself one.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

BBD: A Different Colorway

This is my start on Blackbird Design's "Waiting for the Harvest."  I am stitching it with Threadworx cotton floss on 32ct. white Belfast linen. These colors speak autumn to me.

Glad Tidings Square

I started this "Glad Tidings" by Blackbird Designs. It was supposed to be for the Fair & Square BBD exchange, but I decided that the design (as I modified it) took up too much of the square. We are supposed to keep them about 55 stitches both ways. I substituted some other threads for the required ones. I do not know yet what finished form it will take.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My BBD Fair & Square

These are the squares that I stitched for Nancy K. for the Fair and Square designer-specific exchange. This motif was taken from Blackbird Design's "Rose Garden," one of the Rewards of Merit. I added the BBD signature blackbird.

They are stitched with Dinky Dyes dusty rose silk thread, on 32ct. Belfast white linen.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Radiation Duration Increased

Yesterday I saw my oncologist for the weekly check-up. I mentioned how I had only six days to go. NOT! He said he'd scheduled me for an additional five days, but he did not inform me of that change: 30 days of treatment instead of 25. . .drat!

I am so tired of chewing gum non-stop as it's difficult to hold gum in the mouth and not chew it. The right side of my face is red--like a sunburn, but no really bad effects beyond the dry mouth.

A Simple Shrug

I've been busy with several projects. This is my shrug that is ready to be folded over and stitched (partially) up the sides, to form the armholes.

This is the free pattern "Simple Crochet Shrug" from the Lion Brand Yarn website. I really like these colors of the Homespun yarn.

An Embroidered Owl

I embroidered this cute owl for a friend's birthday. I matched the owl to the background  fabric. Today I will go to the store to buy either a pillow form or a frame. I cannot decide until I see the frames.

This design is a free pattern from Badbird.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Prairie Schooler Exchange

This is the bourse that I made for Cindy D. for the Seasonal Prairie Schooler Exchange on the HOE blog. She chose "summer" for her exchange item. This shows the bourse ready to be mailed. I chose a nautical-themed cotton fabric and rope to match the charted design.

This is the inside stitched area of the bourse. It is from "Summer," by The Prairie Schooler," and is stitched with DMC on 32ct. mushroom Lugana.

I got this wonderful stitching aid and it has helped me immensely!