Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Olenka's Giveaway

Olenka is having a giveaway of an embroidered box. It ends tomorrow, 6/24/2010. Please visit her blog and see her lovely designs and flower photos.

A Current WIP

This is from a Dover Publication of cross stitch designs by Anne Orr. It is on Silkweaver "Solo." The floss color is not accurate--it's more purple.

My Coussinet for Juliette

This is the pumpkin-shaped pincushion that I embroidered for Juliette on missfil's Coussinet Exchange. It was my first attempt at such a shape. I embroidered motifs that were taken from the bottom fabric--bees, flowers, and dragonflies. I added our first initials.

It is odd that I received the same shape of pincushion in exchange!

ABC Exchange from Ina

Here is the Fa La La pinkeep that I received from Ina in the HOE ABC Exchange. It is a beautiful design done in overdyed floss. The backing fabric is very pretty.

Groetjies, Ina!

Flowers for the Day

Here are some morning glories that were planted by a friend.

Trip to Virginia

We visited George Washington's Mount Vernon (Virginia). This is a view of the Potomac River as seen from the roofed passage between the outbuilding and the main house.

Inside photos are not allowed as everything is copyrighted by the foundation. We purchased the souvenir book.

The view from the back veranda is breathtaking. It is a luxury to be able to sit and view the river. I had no idea that the Potomac was so wide--it is wider at that spot than our Ohio.

The woods across the river are under protection as a park and will never be developed, so you see (almost) the same view as in Washington's time.

We were impressed with the estate, which displayed his knowledge of surveying and agriculture. Some of the original trees are still standing.
This is set in a wall at the entrance to the huge, modern, visitor center.

Coussinet Exchange from France

This is the packet of goodies that I received from Sabine in the coussinet exchange on missfil's blog.

She sent me not one, but two, pincushions, some pins, a postcard of an embroidered map of her region (departement de l'Ain), a sack of chocolate "rocks," some lovely hand-dyed floss, and issue #33 of Mains et Merveilles, which is an absolutely gorgeous French embroidery magazine.

Merci beaucoup, Sabine!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Congratulations to the 2010 Graduates

Things have been so hectic around here in the last month, what with daughter's final exams, interviews, applications, graduation/pinning ceremonies--finally she finished!

Congratulations to everyone who graduated from nursing programs--they are so difficult! Over 3/4 of the people who began with her (over 2 years ago) did not finish.

She just received a job offer, and I will be holding a giveaway (U.S. addresses only) in celebration, as soon as I can get something stitched. First she has to take/pass the NCLEX.

ABC Exchange in Progress

I'm working on my ABC Exchange project for the HOE blog. I started a one-color design, then decided that I'd keep that one for myself.

The new design uses several brands of threads, some overdyed, and I like it much better. I need to finish and mail it by the end of this week because we are going on a short vacation (to visit relatives) next week.

Finished Pincushion/Cousinnet Exchange

I finished my pincushion, which was for the cousinnet exchange on a French blog-- Missfil. I made a shape that was a first for me. I hope the recipient likes it. I will post pictures as soon as I hear that it is received.

Artifacts from Grave Creek Mound

Visit To The Mound

I finally got to visit the Grave Creek Mound (Moundsville, WV), and tour the museum beside it. It was very taxing on the knees to walk up the solid stone steps. The view is deceiving in the first picture, because the other side of the mound has a much steeper slope.

The stone marker is marked with the four directions. The pictures are washed out because we visited towards noon. The view in the marker picture is looking west across the Ohio River to the hills of Ohio. 

Latest Peacock Pinkeep

This is a pinkeep that I finished recently. The peacock in the chart is from Charted Peasant Designs from Saxon Transylvania, by Heinz Edgar Kiewe (Dover Publications). The chicks are from a charted design book by Anne Orr (Dover Pub.), and the borders are either from that same book, or were adapted by me from that book.

It is stitched with Carrie's "Epiphany" thread on Silkweaver "Solo" Lugana.