Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This "For The Birds" Didn't Fly

This is the first project that I had stitched for the HOE "For The Birds" Exchange. I made it into a photo album cover.  It is JBW's "Lark" stitched with Threadworx thread. I had stitched several different bird designs and chose this one because  I wanted to send my partner a contemporary design.

However, when I ironed it (without steam), the thread bled a little onto the muslin back cover. It was noticeable to me, and so I decided to rip it out and make it into something else.

 I didn't like the plain muslin background, either, and some of the seams were crooked.

I sent my partner a pinkeep instead of this, and I will post a picture as soon as I hear that she has received it.


Brigitte said...

This album cover is so great and beautiful. It's a pity that you had to rip it apart.

Carolyn NC said...

What a shame - I loved it!