Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trip to Virginia

We visited George Washington's Mount Vernon (Virginia). This is a view of the Potomac River as seen from the roofed passage between the outbuilding and the main house.

Inside photos are not allowed as everything is copyrighted by the foundation. We purchased the souvenir book.

The view from the back veranda is breathtaking. It is a luxury to be able to sit and view the river. I had no idea that the Potomac was so wide--it is wider at that spot than our Ohio.

The woods across the river are under protection as a park and will never be developed, so you see (almost) the same view as in Washington's time.

We were impressed with the estate, which displayed his knowledge of surveying and agriculture. Some of the original trees are still standing.
This is set in a wall at the entrance to the huge, modern, visitor center.

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