Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Big Surprise

Yesterday I opened the door to see a Fedex lady with two big boxes. "Here's your new computer," she said.

I've never been so shocked in my life. I realized that my DS purchased it to replace the 9 yr. old Gateway that we've been using (yes, it's a dinosaur). I was crying buckets for a while.

So, I have to transfer all of our picture and document files onto CD's before I  set it up. I am afraid that my ancient Digistitch program is not going to work on the new Windows 7 operating system, so I'm trying to finish a couple of freebie patterns for sharing with you  before I make the big switch.

I've sent for a typing tutor program so granddaughter and I can learn to type. I never learned in school (it was the "business course") in those days, and the Mavis Beacon we had got ruined before I could learn.

Hopefully, it will run the PRIMO PDF and any other up-to-date programs that I need.

Oh, yeah--it's a Dell (desktop).

DS got a phone call full of X's and O's last night!

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