Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Quilted Patriotic Wallhanging

I haven't posted in ages because I've spent my free time working on this quilted wall hanging. I finished it two days ago and mailed it yesterday. It will get there in time for Christmas because it is not going far, and because we mailed it 2-Day Priority.

I created it for my sis and her husband, who are both veterans. She doesn't read this blog and so the surprise is safe. I just hope she has room somewhere on her walls to display it.

It is all cotton fabrics, except for the purchased binding, which is poly/cotton. I inked on all of the signatures of the signers of the Declaration of Independence with a permanent Pitt Artist Pen with a fine tip.

The cross-stitched insert is 14-ct. white Aida. The designs are freebies (freedom stars & Liberty Bell) from Erica Michaels (I think). I will check and correct post if necessary. The letters are from an Anne Orr cross stitch design book from Dover Publications.

Disclaimer: The quilting is very poor on this. I am not pleased with my quilting stitches at all, but I had no quilting frame, not even a lap-type frame. It will hold up OK because it is for the wall, not for repeated use on a bed. So, those of you with eagle eyes will see my many giant and uneven stitches due to the lack of a quilting frame.

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