Thursday, March 26, 2009

DMC Scented Floss

Can you believe this?

Imagine lavender-scented lavender floss tags, lemon-scented lemons on an apron . . .

I belong to the DMC Club online and received an email about their new scented floss. I really need this! Especially the floral scented ones. My gifts would be even more appreciated when stitched with this, as I do a lot of flower motifs.

DMC says the scent will last through 20 washings, but most of my stitchery does not get washed after being received. I hope this means that the scent will last a long time.

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Yoyo said...

I got that email too and I thought this would be a waste of money since it's so easy to use Essential Oil to scent finished projects. But I'm reading a lot of blogs that say they like the idea so maybe it will catch on. But I'm wondering what would happen if you "mixed" the scents, so if you use some let us know.