Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Such A Cute Ornie

I received such a cute snowman ornie from Marie P. in the HOE Perpetual Christmas Ornament Exchange : Snowman Round. It is so beautifully stitched with sparkly white thread on a blue linen.

The embellishments of bell, snowflake, glass heart and upturned carrot nose add to the charm. I want to have an ornament dowel tree by Christmas this year.
 I mailed my ornie over a week ago but it had far to go.

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Einschies blog said...

Hi Marie,

thanks so much for your wonderful snwoman ornie....love it, I haven´t seen the chart before, I wasn´t up-to-date lately...I have it near my sewing machine at the moment so I can have a look at it...hope it won´t melt;-)))


By the way, your ornie from Marie P is cute too