Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 2011 Stitching

I am feeling much better and am determined to get as much stitching done as possible. I'm putting a special Jason brand vitamin E cream on the incision, both to hasten healing and to lessen scarring. Thank you for all of the prayers, good wishes, and the kind comments.

 I took a "gentle" walk today and snapped some photos of the beautiful spring blossoms. I missed the magnolias because I was hospitalized, and then it rained for days. They have finished blooming and are in full leaf.

 I just adore pink dogwoods!

Below is another of the spring-themed biscornus from The Floss Box. This is the back. I'm stitching it on white Monaco. This is to be part of a 3-piece needlework gift set: biscornu, fob, and scissors case.

The next picture is from the April 1989 Just Cross Stitch magazine. I have looked at this gorgeous butterfly for years and never gotten around to stitching it. Well, no more procrastinating for me! I only have one color of Balger blending filament (it calls for two), and so I will look for the required colors at Michaels or Craft2000. I'm stitching it on Aida because this will be framed for a friend. I'll stitch another (on linen) for myself.

And, last but not least, I've begun my Dimensions "Beautiful Bird."
Peacocks rule!

Have a good day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Surgery Successful

I was released Friday afternoon. The surgery was successful. The large tumor was removed and my main facial nerve wasn't cut. However, a smaller nerve was cut, and so my right lower face including the bottom of my ear is numb, permanently, I think. I can live with it.

I took a pic to send to family but will not post it here as I am not a pretty sight right now. The stitches will be removed this week, but I won't be allowed to do strenuous exercise for some time (no exercise bike, heavy straining, etc).

I did finish my PIF for Janet--it was a spring-themed biscornu from Emily Wilmarth at The Floss Box.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and good wishes. I was fortunate to have two excellent surgeons.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

My surgery is tomorrow. I need lots of prayers & good wishes.

I don't know when I'll be back on the computer, maybe Monday.

Everyone please stitch a lot and enjoy it for me. I've got a sample issue of Samplers & Antique Needlework Quarterly to read while recuperating in the hospital.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank You Dear Readers

Thank you for all of your kind comments. I appreciate every prayer, good thought, and wish for my health.

I will see the doctor in a couple of hours, at which time I will get more details. My operation is scheduled for next week.

I want to emphasize to all of you that I let a tiny bump go unchecked for months and months because I was not feeling pain. My cancer cells were not painful in themselves--it is when their growth/expansion affected surrounding organs/tissues that I started to feel pain. Please do not delay in seeking medical help if you have any abnormal growth.

Not More Snow (men)!

I should not be posting this, but I wanted you to see my progress. This is a design from Emily at The Floss Box.

A Pretty WIP

This is a peek at a WIP from an old Just Cross Stitch magazine chart. It is a medieval sampler featuring roses. I am changing the bottom of the design and putting something in that is being worked over one thread. The fabric is a shade of blue, but you cannot tell because I took the photo in too much sunlight.

Matryioshka Biscornu Finished

This is stitched on white Monaco fabric. It is a freebie design. The reverse side has the same design.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bad News

I have been diagnosed with salivary gland cancer. My doctor says there is no way to know how I got it.

I will see my specialist later this week, at which time he will tell me the particulars of the proposed surgery. It will probably happen the week of April 11th.

I'm trying to get a PIF done, as well as two other projects.

I'll write more tomorrow.