Friday, March 5, 2010

A Peacock WIP

This is a peacock from a Dover Publications book by Anne Orr. I don't know how I'm going to finish it. Sorry for the darkened photo.

We're going to give the old computer to a neighbor family that doesn't have one.  Their child is one of granddaughter's friends. My son said that Windows XP will be supported for some time. He will walk me through how to erase the hard drive before we give it to them. 

I plan to get them a surge protector/emergency back-up, as without it the whole system will down down fast. We get frequent power surges during storms. I also plan to buy them a printer. I checked out Wal-Mart online and there are definitely cheap multifunction models. We have plenty of wal-Marts around here so we'll probably be able to find something on sale in the store.
People who have do not realize how difficult it is to function without a computer and internet access. Granddaughter's school is no longer going to send home paper notices. It will be online (their website) or through email sign-up. You have to ask to have a paper copy sent home. Plus, the statewide exams that are given in May require all students to type in their composition portion of the exam. We're talking about elementary students who haven't been given typing lessons in school, yet.

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