Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby Washcloths for Shower Gift

Here's another gift for the mother-to-be who is going to get the crocheted blanket.

This is the flannel cloth that I'm hemming by hand in order to to create 4 washcloths. This flannel is not suitable for children's sleepwear (U.S. makes manufacturers treat sleepwear with chemicals) and I only had a small piece, so I decided to make baby washcloths. I'm hemming them by hand because I need to keep the thread hidden, as my thread is not 100% cotton and it would cause the cloths to be scratchy if hemmed by machine.

The brightly-colored animals will catch the baby's eye.

Crocheted Baby Blanket

This is a crib blanket that I am making for someone who is going to have a baby shower soon. I am using Jaggerspun 100% wool yarn in Winter White. The mesh pattern is from an old book , "Lovable Hand Knits," Vol. 30, published MLXVIII by Bernhard Ullman Company (makers of Botany, and Bear Brand yarns.

The pattern says to bind with nylon satin blanket binding, but I'm going to crochet a shell border. I don't want to put synthetic materials on a pure wool blanket.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Coeur de Printemps Finished

I finished my Coeur de Printemps and mailed it (late) on the 9th of May. I used the DMC colors suggested by the designer. This was my first time mailing an overseas package, and so I finished it simply in order to mail it in a first-class envelope. I was surprised to learn that the cost was reasonable.

To you, the recipient:
I did not have time to take a picture of it. Will you please photograph it and put it up on Ness's blog?

Monday, May 5, 2008

I Received My Coeur de Printemps

This is the lovely stitcher's "folder" that I received from Marie-Ange
This pattern is the "Coeur de Corinne" exchange organized by Ness. (I'll put a link in later to her blog). These pictures show the front and the inside. (The pic of the inside is sideways).

The stitching is over one thread of Lugana and is finer than anything I could do, even with magnifying lenses.

It has the pumpkin-shaped pincushion inside, anchored by a mother-of-pearl flower-shaped bead. There's a cute scissors charm on the scissors pocket.

I've always wanted one of these stitcher's accessory folders and am very happy to get this beautiful piece of needlework.

I'm sorry to be so late in posting this. I am swamped right now, currently working on a batch of stuffed dolls!